"Voted one of the best fitness retreats in the UK"

A Luxurious And Unique Fitness Retreat
In The Heart Of Rural Dorset

Come to the heart of the Jurassic coast and join fitness experts who will give you the knowledge and expertise to get FitAgain whilst staying in a luxurious setting. Immerse yourself in the beauty of West Dorset, whilst participating in unique activities that absorb and utilise the natural environment of beaches and hills.

The Dorset Fitness Retreat was founded and is run by Lucy & Andrew, both ex-military, and with a passion for fitness. They ensure each retreat runs like clockwork and that every member is truly looked after and receives the best experience, service and fitness advice possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to our retreat!

Lucy & Andrew

Our mission is to provide an experience that will exceed your expectations

  • 5 Days of Fitness, Relaxation & Treatments
  • Unique Activities Utilising the Beach and Hills
  • Experienced and Qualified Fitness Instructors
  • Friendly Relaxed Environment
  • Delicious Organic, Homemade & Vegan Food Option
  • Fine Dining Experience
  • Luxurious Venue in Beautiful Rural Dorset
  • Insightful Presentations on areas such as Nutrition, Gut Health & Goal Setting
Meet the Team

Luxury Venue

Unique Activities

Homemade Food

Relaxing Treatments

What they say about us

When I said I was going on a fitness retreat, my friends thought I was mad and I did ache from the exercise, but also from laughing so much. I think the retreat not only worked on my fitness, but more importantly gave me the time, space and the skills to take a look at my life and realise what is really important in it.

Lin C

Both Andrew and Lucy are superb, dedicated, passionate, supportive and simply lovely. This alongside the fabulous group on the retreat, especially my hilarious room mates with whom I shared so much laughter, made all the difference.

Deborah T

I attended the fitness retreat in Dorset end of September. Just over a month later, I am still in touch with the trainers and have been working on a personalized training program. The retreat was absolutely excellent. It was the perfect foundation to assist me with getting back on track


The support and encouragement from Andrew and Lucy is off the scale. Andrew is one of the most positive Personal Trainers you could find and if he says you can do something and to push a bit harder, then that is what you will find yourself doing. Lucy is incredibly intuitive and knows just what to say at the right time.


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