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Fitness Retreat

Activities Designed

With Fitness And Fun

In Mind

The Fitness Retreat is action packed with a balance of activity, relaxation and gaining motivation. The retreat is carefully planned so you experience and see the very best of West Dorset from both land and sea.

Dorset Fitness Retreat 2023 includes a special dining experience at the famous Hugh Fearnley’s delightful River Cottage.

We also specialise in specific fitness retreats such as Swim Retreats and are able to host bespoke retreats for teams, businesses or organisations.

To book our Dorset Fitness Retreat 2023 in Lyme Regis click here.

List of activities you can expect:
  • Bootcamps
  • HIIT Classes
  • Various Presentations
  • Restorative Stretching
  • Form and Technique Advice
  • Boxing Sessions
  • Aqua Workout in a Heated Pool
  • Sauna and Steam
  • Optional Wild Swim
  • Hiking over the South West Coast Path
  • Sound Bath

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